Saturday, February 3, 2007

marketing / fundraising plan ?


Could whomever has the marketing / fundraising plan please send it to me?

I would like to be able to plan for creating the pieces that support the plan, especially as it relates to the advertising pieces. And in order to know what to make I need to know what the plan is.

I assume at this point that there is some structure around a fund raising goal, based on getting $X by a certain time, $Y by a second deadline, etc. Jodi indicated in the one meeting I was at that there is a definite method to the madness, and that the "Discovery" event(s) are just one part whereby we ask the biggest fish first, etc. Are there tools planned / expected for attaining specific goals, i.e., brochure(s), direct mail piece(s), email, web site, radio, TV, outdoor, newspaper?

If not, I think it'd be a good idea to talk about those things and get some ideas in place so we can plan to succeed.

FYI, I talked to Mark Stumme and he said that we should have a pile of DVDs (over 100) on Monday night, and the rest of the 275 by Tuesday or Wednesday night. I was thinking it would be a good idea to create a pledge card that fits into the DVD case so that a pledge form accompanies every DVD every time. I know that Jim, et al, are working very hard right now getting the video in front of people and asking for participation in the form of pledges. I just think that it would be nice if even the DVDs that go out "alone" can have a pledge acquiring device built in so that we give everyone every opportunity to give. I don't know specifically what physical form that takes. Just an idea right now . . .

FYI I have also created a blog on that supports our collective efforts. The purpose of the blog is to give us all a place to post information, share ideas, etc. Please let me know what you think and how it can be more useful, etc.




Jack said...


I think that we have a fundraising plan that Jim can describe, but I think that we need to work quickly on developing a marketing plan. We've talked some about marketing-- but haven't decided on anything that has been officially adopted (or decided on a budget). I'll put this on the board meeting agenda for Wednesday, but we should also have conversations among interested parties. I'd be happy to be part of the conversation.

Kyrl said...

Jack --

Thanks for the prompt reply and your willingness, as always, to participate.

I am available as necessary / desired to participate in developing the marketing / advertising plan. As Mary J. mentioned to me yesterday, we have just 10 weeks to go until we need to have seen serious results. Anything I can do . . .

DE&AC said...

Yes, public awareness is crucial at this time. Any ideas about lining up a speaking schedule for clubs, churches, organizations?