Thursday, February 8, 2007

Fritz & Loma visit report

Just wanted to report about my visit with Fritz and Loma Carlson.

I just returned from dropping off 2 copies of the DVD and one support folder. I wanted them to have their own DVD and be able to pass along a complete package to whomever Loma has in mind to see it.

We had a nice conversation. I think I was there for almost an hour. Fritz is of the opinion that we're going to need to find a few "angels". But he stressed the importance of getting an extension of the deadline for demolition. He framed his gift in terms of buying time to find the money necessary to do the whole deal. They both offered their own views of what has transpired, why things are the way they are, and how tough it's going to be to meet our goal, even with the support of people like them.

That being said, they were both very supportive of the effort and encouraged all of us to continue with all of our hard work. They think that the roster has improved with the programs that are currently being considered, and that getting that message out to the community at large is going to be critical to our collective success. Nothing new there, but nice to have the reinforcement.

The primary purpose of this email is to share the feeling of sitting in this huge living room, talking to 2 very successful people, who think we're all doing the work of heaven on earth. Take a moment to congratulate yourself and be proud of what you are doing for your community. What you are doing is making a big difference in Decorah, and we will be successful.

Thank you for everything you do.

From the new kid in town . . . ;>)

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Kyrl said...

One thing I forgot to mention is that Fritz suggested that getting letters of intent from potential tenants who are willing to pay rent would be like supplemental pledges. It demonstrates the viability of the building as a rentable space and shows that there will be income generated.